SimVis awarded the Best Patent by Madri+d

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Oct 18, 2017

The Regional Government of Madrid recognizes the 2EyesVision intellectual property

Carlos Dorronso, Susana Marcos and José Ramón Alonso, received the Best Patent Prize by Fundación Madri+d. The patent awarded protects the SimVis technology and was highly valued by the jury for its quality and market impact.

The jury has valued the technology’s potential to positively influence the lives of millions of people by improving the prescription of intraocular and contact lenses for presbyopia and cataracts, conditions affecting more than 1.2B people worldwide.

Madri+d Best Patent Awards

The Madri+d Best Patent Awards is an annual event that recognizes and rewards innovation in the field of intellectual property in Spain. The event is organized by the Regional Government of Madrid and is open to individuals, companies, and institutions that have contributed to the development of technology through the creation and protection of patents. The awards celebrate the most innovative patents that have been granted during the year and aim to promote and encourage the development of new technologies in various fields, such as healthcare, biotechnology, energy, and more.


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SimVis inventors holding the Patent Award

Carlos Dorronso, Susana Marcos and José Ramón Alonso