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Ophthalmologists and optometrists from all over the world tell us about their first-hand experience with Sim+Vis technology.

Dr. Roger Zaldivar

“One of my greatest dreams as a refractive surgeon”

From his LinkedIn account:

“Being able to simulate potential visual performance with different available intraocular lenses has been one of my greatest dreams as a refractive cataract surgeon. Treating dysfunctional lens syndrome stages I and II, can be very challenging. Chair time is crucial to explain in simple words the different technologies available to replace the dysfunctional crystalline lens and their potential implications. Technology is here to make our lives easier, and so is this great initiative by Susana Marcos where we can easily jump from a Vivity IOL to a trifocal in one click!!! Well done 2EyesVision!”

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Mitchell Jackson

“You can show a patient simulated vision before the surgery”

Product Highlights from AAO 2022:

“With SimVis Gekko, you can show a patient simulated vision –for example, with a TECNIS Synergy (JnJ Vision), PanOptix (Alcon), Vivity (Alcon) or any premium IOLbefore they decide to do it.”


“It will show what the vision is like at distance and near compared to a monofocal lens without glasses on

Antioch, Illinois, United States

Dr. Filomena Ribeiro

SimVis Gekko allows us to explain to the patient”

Scientific talk at ESCRS 2021 and ARI Refractiva 2022 (34:25):

It allows surgical candidates to test different presbyopia solutions. The concept of multifocality is better perceived by patients and this visual simulator can be easily implemented in the clinic’s preoperative workflow, involving the patient in the decision-making process.”


“It is good to engage with the patient in what IOL to try and SimVis Gekko allows us to explain to the patient that there are always trade-offs to make.”

Lisboa, Portugal

Prof. Dr. Jorge Alió

“I have seen through different multifocal lens models”

ARI Refractiva 2022 (44:30):

“I have tried the device SimVis Gekko myself and I have seen through different multifocal lens models. It seems that I am a wonderful candidate as I loved all the images,  It is going to help us a lot to avoid making mistakes, to prevent the patient from making mistakes and, finally, to make a better selection.”


“It is a great contribution, a pioneering contribution.”

Alicante, Spain

Dr. Rubén Orillac

Patients get what they expected after surgery

“I have already tested several patients with SimVis Gekko and the result is beautiful, the patients get after the surgery what they expected after the test and they are very happy”

Ciudad de Panama, Panama

Dr. Scott M. MacRae

“It just gives you a much more organic feeling”

ISOP Webinar 2021:

“I have used SimVis Gekko and it just gives you a much more organic feeling for how car lights generate disphotopsia.”

Rochester, New York, United States

Dr. Joaquín Fernández

“This shared decision making will be based on a solid foundation”

ARI Refractiva 2022 (36:00):

I recommend that you try it yourself because maybe you decide to use a type of correction or another.”


“While the percentage of dissatisfied patients is low, the majority of patients are clueless on how vision is going to be like. For those, SimVis Gekko is going to be the key. Finally, this shared decision making will be based on a solid foundation.”

Almeria, Spain

Dr. Damien Gatinel

“It is very exciting that we can test different lenses”

AECOS European Symposium 2023:

“It is very exciting that we can test different lenses using the visual simulator SimVis Gekko, especially for patients who are undergoing refractive surgery.”


“We have an incredible volume of simulations due to advancements in micro optics and computer power. Additionally, we are pleased to analyze a wide range of new lenses available in the market. However, this is just one aspect of the story, as the acceptance and actual vision experienced through these intraocular lenses, in conjunction with the retina and the brain behind it, remain of paramount importance.”

Paris, France

Know your patients' reaction to multifocality before treatment

With SimVis Gekko, every patient can have, before prescription, a non-invasive and personalized assessment on how their vision will be with any presbyopic correction. It can be applied to:

Intraocular lens implantation

Contact lens fitting

Laser presbyopic surgery

Fine-tuning the right binocular combination


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