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2EyesVision is a start-up company specialized in the creation, development, and commercialization of novel ophthalmic technologies. We focus on developing devices for the ophthalmic industry, with special emphasis on presbyopia, an ocular condition that affects 100% of the population above 45 years old, and cataracts.

Prof. Dr. Carlos Dorronsoro (CEO) and Prof. Dr. Susana Marcos (Medical Advisory Board member) are the main creators of the SimVis technology, the first device of the company. Both are well-known international scientists.

2EyesVision created SimVis Gekko

For the first time, patients can see the real world through binocular presbyopic and cataract premium corrections before treatment

SimVis Gekko is the most advanced testing premium vision technology (visual simulator) for prescribing presbyopic premium corrections. It allows patients to experience the real world through binocular presbyopic premium corrections before intraocular lens implantation, contact lens fitting, or presbyopic laser refractive surgery.

Patients can easily understand different corrections

Each patient is better suited to a different lens. There is no one lens that is the best option for everyone. This is why the visual simulator SimVis Gekko experience before surgery is so important.

Because in the premium market, one size does NOT fit all!

What is #SimVisGekko?

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More information about the company

Clinicians Stories

Ophthalmologists and optometrists from all over the world tell us about their first-hand experience with SimVis technology.

“One of my greatest dreams as a refractive surgeon”

Dr. Roger Zaldivar

“Being able to simulate potential visual performance with different available intraocular lenses has been one of my greatest dreams as a refractive cataract surgeon. Treating dysfunctional lens syndrome stages I and II, can be very challenging. Chair time is crucial to explain in simple words the different technologies available to replace the dysfunctional crystalline lens and their potential implications. Technology is here to make our lives easier, and so is this great initiative by Susana Marcos where we can easily jump from a Vivity IOL to a trifocal in one click!!! Well done 2EyesVision!”

Expert insights: Ophthalmologists and optometrists reviewing SimVis Gekko

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“Innovative device simulates cataract replacement experience.”

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