José R. Alonso


José Ramón Alonso Sanz is a Mechanical Engineer specialized in industrial product design and development. Moreover, he is a co-founder of 2EyesVision. Along his career, he has been involved in various R&D projects, collaborating with private companies and public organizations.

José Ramón’s expertise lies in designing and developing precision optics and ophthalmological devices for civil, military, and medical applications. His role encompasses the entire product development process, from the initial idea to the final product. He is driven by a passion for creating innovative prototypes and mechanical, optical, and optomechanical equipment.

Currently, José Ramón serves as the Director of Desing Cad 68 S.L, an engineering company dedicated to optical-mechanical design. In this role, he has been instrumental in developing precision equipment in the fields of medicine, civil, and military applications.

Prior to his current positions, José Ramón was actively involved in research and development at the Instituto de Óptica CSIC. His work focused on the mechanical prototyping of optometric systems, contributing to advancements in the field of vision science.

José Ramón Alonso Sanz has been a valued collaborator at the Instituto de Óptica CSIC for the past 12 years and 5 months. During his tenure, he has been actively involved in the development of mechanical prototypes for optometric systems. His work has focused on bridging the gap between laboratory research and commercial applications.

Prior to his collaboration with the Instituto de Óptica CSIC, José Ramón served as an Industrial Mechanical Engineer at the Centro de I+D de la Armada for 24 years. In this role, he applied his expertise in mechanical engineering to systems involving optics and electro-optics, particularly in the areas of night vision and infrared technology. He was responsible for designing and manufacturing prototypes and adapting them for serial production. Additionally, he held the position of Optical Manufacturing Manager, overseeing the production process.

José Ramón Alonso Sanz’s extensive experience in mechanical engineering and his ability to translate laboratory innovations into practical commercial solutions make him an invaluable contributor to the 2Eyes Vision team.

José Ramón Alonso Sanz holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Pontificia Comillas. ICAI and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Católica de Ávila. His professional journey and dedication to pushing the boundaries of optical technology make him a valuable asset to the 2Eyes Vision team.