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“Novel device tests suitability of lens implants.”

“Researchers reaching for the stars to cure presbyopia.”

“A CSIC simulator shows cataract patients how their vision will be after surgery.”

“Visual simulator gives cataract patients a realistic impression of their post-surgery vision.”

“Vision of the future: adaptable lens to prolong sight of aging eyes.”

“New way to help manage presbyopia”

“It is now possible to know how your vision will be before undergoing cataract or presbyopia surgery.”
“Simulator shows patients how cataract surgery can improve their vision.”

“Innovative device simulates cataract replacement experience.”

“Innovative device simulates cataract replacement experience.”

“Vision Simulator Helps Patients Test Artificial Lens Designs Prior to Implantation.”

“New vision simulator allows patients to test IOLs prior to surgery”

“Cataract implant vision simulator lets you try lenses before surgery”

Know your patients' reaction to multifocality before treatment

With SimVis Gekko, every patient can have, before prescription, a non-invasive and personalized assessment on how their vision will be with any presbyopic correction. It can be applied to:

Intraocular lens implantation

Contact lens fitting

Laser presbyopic surgery

Fine-tuning the right binocular combination


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