Carlos Dorronsoro, PhD


Dr. Carlos Dorronsoro Díaz, born in Granada in 1972, is a Spanish scientist specialized in optical physics, human vision, ophthalmology, and applied optics. For nearly 20 years his professional career has been linked to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), being the vice-director of the Institute of Optics. Nowadays, he is on personal leave for technology transfer reasons, and currently working as a CEO of 2EyesVision (spin-off company of CSIC). In the last two decades, Dorronsoro has traveled the entire itinerary between the research laboratory and the generation of social and economic impact, acting as a scientist, technologist, businessman and manager to bring the technology resulting from his research to the market.

Dorronsoro has made significant contributions to his field, publishing over 60 research papers in prestigious journals of Optics and Vision Science. Additionally, he has authored articles in multidisciplinary sciences, including publications in Plos ONE and Scientific Reports. He has also contributed to 9 proceedings and 5 book chapters, with an h-index of 22, more than 1200 citations, and an average of over 100 citations per year according to Web of Science. With an impressive patent portfolio, Dr. Dorronsoro holds 23 families of patents, 13 of which have been licensed to various industries. As principal investigator, he has led 21 research projects. Apart from his expertise in ophthalmic and visual optics, Dr. Dorronsoro possesses broad industrial experience in precision optics, optical design, optical manufacturing, optical metrology and testing, and camera calibration. He has co-founded four startup companies (Imatrics Image Technologies, Alfa Imaging, Plenoptika, 2EyesVision) and is co-inventor of 23 patents in cataract and refractive surgery, image processing and microscopy, among other areas. About fifteen of these patents —with co-owners such as the CSIC, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or the Harvard Medical School— have been licensed to national and international companies.

Prior to his work for CSIC, Dorronsoro has worked for the Low-light Vision Laboratory of the Spanish Navy Research and Development Center (CIDA). He has also been involved in the management and coordination of international research projects and industrial collaborations, as well as in establishing research strategies in optics and photonics at a European level. Internationally, he has worked as Visiting Researcher (Fulbright scholar) at the University of Texas at Austin (USA) between 2014-2017 and he worked as a Junior Engineer at Leica Geosystems (1996) in Heerbrugg, Switzerland. In addition, he has been Vice-President of the Visual Sciences Committee (2008-2012) of the Spanish Optical Society (Sedoptica). At the very beginning of his career, he studied physics with a grant from the Royal Spanish Physics Society (RSEF) as winner of the Regional Physics Olympiad in 1991.

With a strong commitment to the social impact of research, Dr. Dorronsoro has collaborated with numerous companies and institutions worldwide, particularly in the field of ophthalmology. As CEO of the company, he aims to create a company that fosters the development of talented scientists and professionals in Spain while achieving business success.

His career has been always driven by creating bridges between the academic and industrial worlds. His research has sought scientific, social, clinical and economic impact.