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SimVis Gekko™

For the first time, patients can see the real world through binocular premium corrections for cataracts or presbyopia before treatment

Visual simulator for presbyopia and cataracts

SimVis Gekko™ is the most advanced visual simulator for testing presbyopic premium corrections. It allows patients to experience the real world through binocular presbyopic premium corrections before intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, contact lens fitting, or presbyopic laser refractive surgery.


Patients can easily understand different corrections

Each patient is better suited to a different lens. There is no one lens that is the best option for everyone. This is why the SimVis Gekko experience before surgery is so important.

Various applications prior to treatment

The visual simulator SimVis Gekko can be used to allow each patient to experience different visual corrections before treatments such as intraocular lens implantation, contact lenses, laser refractive surgery, and fine-tuning the right binocular combination.

Intraocular lenses

Commercial IOLs: Monofocal, EDOF, trifocal, refractive and diffractive to be tested prior to surgery.

Contact lenses

Commercial multifocal CLs: Tested by the patient without fitting the lens, reducing chair time and test lenses.

Laser presbyopic surgery

Existing ablation patterns: Check different binocular combinations.

Fine-tuning the right binocular combination

Monovision, minimonovision, modified monovision, mix & match and blended vision.


Real visual experience


Identify suitable patients

Personalized treatment

Real visual experience: It is NOT virtual reality

Testing premium vision

SimVis Gekko is NOT virtual reality (VR) but a real visual experience that allows patients to see the real world with a wide field of view. You can take advantage of SimVis Gekko to:

With SimVis Gekko, you can revolutionize the adoption of premium presbyopic corrections, significantly enhance treatment outcome predictability, and elevate overall patient satisfaction to new heights.

What is #SimVisGekko?

A personalized assessment in just a few minutes

SimVis Gekko simulates real existing lens models, replicating the relative through-focus visual performance of premium presbyopic corrections prior to surgery, even in patients scheduled for cataract removal.

Place and align SimVis Gekko over your patient’s head and correct their refractive error.
Before starting any simulation, ask your patient to look at far and near objects to set a baseline with their current visual condition.
Carry out visual tests with simulated correction, evaluating satisfaction at various distances. Record patient data.

Interested in more information about how SimVis Gekko works?

SimVis Gekko has been designed to be used in a clinical environment



Portable and Wireless

Wide visual field

Scientifically validated accurate simulations

The main component of SimVis Gekko is a tunable lens, a fast programmable liquid lens able to change its optical power. This lens works under temporal multiplexing, the core of the Sim+Vis Technology™: the desired premium presbyopic correction is simulated by mapping its through-focus optical quality with a temporal pattern of optical powers. The technology has been validated in more than 25 scientific articles, and is protected by 5 patents.

All simulations follow a systematic three-step validation:

We use public information (scientific publications, regulatory information, independent reports or official corporate brochures) to simulate the optical behaviour through focus of each premium correction.
The simulations are validated using precise, custom-made optical benches.
The defocus curves of a SimVis Gekko simulated lens during the pre-operative period are compared with the defocus curves of patients with the implanted lens in the post-operative period.


Binocular presbyopic premium corrections Monofocal, EDOF, multifocal, monovision, Mix & Match
Optical Channels 2 (Binocular)
Field of wiew 20 degrees
Weight 1kg

Height: 8cm

Length: 37cm

Width: 23cm

Commercial status Commercially available
Regulatory Status A product with regulatory clearance in the USA (FDA) and Europe (CE Mark), and in many other additional countries.
  • Manufactured by 2EyesVision

  • Made in Europe

  • ISO-certified Manufacturing and Quality control

  • CB Scheme for several countries

  • CE Marked

  • FDA freedom to operate

  • Complies with FCC part 15

  • Registered within UK MHRA through UK-Rep

  • KC certified


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