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  • 2EyesVision gets EU funding for pioneering eye-care tech

2EyesVision gets EU funding for pioneering eye-care tech

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Oct 1, 2023

The Ministry of Industry in Spain fosters cutting-edge innovation in healthcare technologies through collaborations with Secpho

Barcelona, Spain2EyesVision proudly reaffirms its commitment to shaping the future of ophthalmology through collaborative initiatives of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism (MINCOTUR) in Spain within the Secpho ecosystem. Secpho is a cluster of photonic technologies involving companies, academic institutions, and research centers across Spain. It has once again showcased its prowess in fostering innovation.

2EyesVision is committed to shaping the future of ophthalmology care technologies.

The Ministry has given more than €3 million in grants for innovating projects to Secpho cluster. This shows the commitment in helping different companies work together on new tech ideas. The works they’re supporting cover lots of different areas like oceans, food, steel, energy, and healthcare. For example, they’re helping with break-through projects such as a new idea to make better heart valves, a device to reduce cholesterol without surgery or innovative ophthalmic technologies such a new lens simulator.
2EyesVision is working with other partners in the Secpho cluster on a project that will change how we tackle the advent of presbyopia. We’re employing new technology to innovate the prescription process for patients with presbyopia. We are excited because it means a brighter future for eye care.


About Secpho and the Spanish Ministry of Industry

Secpho is a cluster of forward-thinking technology companies and academic institutions spanning Spain. Together, they are making significant strides in the realm of innovation. Secpho recently secured substantial support from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism.

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