Susana Marcos awarded the Edwin H. Land Medal

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Susana Marcos awarded the Edwin H. Land Medal: Driving Vision Research towards Clinical Applications

The 2EyesVision’s promoting partner and SimVis technology co-inventor receives this prestigious award for her driving vision research towards clinical applications.

Optica (formerly OSA, Advancing Optics and Photonics Worldwide), and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) announced that Susana Marcos has been awarded the Edwin H. Land Medal. This recognition is awarded by Optica to individuals who share the Edwin Land’s insatiable scientific intensity and curiosity in optics and imaging. In part, they reflect his legacy as an inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, and teacher.

2EyesVision is proud of Susana Marcos once again with this recognition. Susana is a promoting partner of 2EyesVision and co-inventor of the SimVis technology. She is a great scientist, a reference and a constant support for the company.

Susana Marcos, a highly regarded researcher in the field of visual optics and ocular imaging, is a pioneer in the development of new techniques for the evaluation of the eye. Her work is aimed at understanding the interplay of structural, biomechanical and optical properties of the eye. Marcos studies the impact of those properties on retinal image quality, and the limits that optics impose on visual functions and perception, specifically with applications in myopia, presbyopia, cataract and corneal corrections.


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