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At 2EyesVision, exceptional customer service is our priority. We offer a comprehensive support program, including tutorial videos, a training book, interactive tools, and online demos and training for a seamless onboarding experience. Technical ticketing ensure personalized assistance. Whether digital or in-person, we provide complete support and ongoing follow-up, guaranteeing your satisfaction with SimVis Gekko. We are here to assist you every step of the way to ensure an optimal user experience.

Tutorial videos

How does SimVis Gekko work? These hands-on training videos will help you learn how to use the visual simulator SimVis Gekko.

1. What will I find in my SimVis Gekko package?

2. How do I connect the SimVis Gekko to the Ipad?

3. How do I navigate through the app?

4. How do I create a new patient?

5. How do I create a new correction?

6. How do I place the visual simulator on a patient?

7. How do I align the SimVis Gekko on a patient?

8. How do I correct the refractive error?

9. How do I perform a score test?

10. How do I perform a VA test?

11. How do I perform a stereo test?

12. How do I perform a defocus curve?

13. How do I store back the SimVis Gekko to its case?

14. Multifocal Acceptance Score Metric


SimVis Gekko is a wireless device that connects to an iPad via Bluetooth. It allows data storage in the cloud through Wi-Fi.


Discover the SimVis Gekko backend, where you can easily review and print saved results at a glance. Watch our illustrative video showcasing the user-friendly interface.

Know your patients' reaction to multifocality before treatment

With SimVis Gekko, every patient can have, before prescription, a non-invasive and personalized assessment on how their vision will be with any presbyopic correction. It can be applied to:

Intraocular lens implantation

Contact lens fitting

Laser presbyopic surgery

Fine-tuning the right binocular combination


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