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  • Susana Marcos receives Smart Woman Award by FENIN

Susana Marcos receives Smart Woman Award by FENIN

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Jul 25, 2023

Prof. Susana Marcos has been honored with the Smart Woman Award for Best Researcher by the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (FENIN)

Madrid, Spain – The Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (FENIN) celebrated the second edition of the Smart Woman Forum & Awards. These awards, promoted by the Spanish Platform for Innovation in Health Technology, honored remarkable women in the field of health technology. Among the distinguished awardees was Prof. Susana Marcos, recognized for her outstanding research contributions.

The Smart Woman Awards aim to shine a spotlight on the invaluable work performed by women in the realm of innovation in health technology across various healthcare sectors. The event seeks to underscore the necessity of advancing gender equality and equal opportunities. FENIN bestowed the prestigious Smart Woman Award for Best Researcher to Prof. Susana Marcos in acknowledgment of her exceptional work at the Institute of Optics of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and 2EyesVision. Her pioneering research in the field of non-invasive techniques for evaluating optical and structural properties of the eye has been groundbreaking. Of particular significance is her ongoing project, which aims to develop an intraocular lens capable of emulating the eye’s continuous focusing ability to combat presbyopia.

Margarita Alfonsel, Secretary General of FENIN, emphasized the importance of recognizing the efforts of women in driving innovation in health technology and commended the role of the awarded women. The Smart Woman Awards serve as a platform to honor and highlight the exceptional contributions of female researchers.


Words of gratitude from Susana Marcos

In her remote acceptance speech, Prof. Susana Marcos expressed her profound gratitude to FENIN for conferring her with the esteemed Smart Woman Award for Best Researcher. She thanked those who nominated her and the jury for this unexpected but highly significant recognition. Although unable to attend the awards ceremony in person due to prior work commitments in the United States, Prof. Marcos conveyed her appreciation via video.

Prof. Marcos humbly acknowledged the significance of the Smart Woman Awards and the Best Researcher category. She expressed her belief that these awards symbolize the essence of intelligent scientific inquiry – asking the right questions and innovating new methodologies to address unmet clinical needs. She also aspired to serve as an example and role model for other female researchers, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in achieving scientific breakthroughs. Receiving the award from the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies held special significance for Prof. Marcos. FENIN’s efforts in coordinating and supporting technology development within Spain resonate deeply with her work in diagnostic and corrective ophthalmologic technologies.

“We are proud to have come a long way from the laboratory to the industry, through licensing of technologies to the ophthalmic sector and through the entrepreneurship of ophthalmic companies (Plenoptika and 2EyesVision) that develop technologies stemming from our research and now contribute to improving the visual quality of millions of patients.”

The news of Prof. Susana Marcos’ achievement is being shared on social media using the hashtag #SmartWomanAwards.



The Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (FENIN) is an organization dedicated to promoting health technology innovation, supporting healthcare professionals, and contributing to the overall advancement of healthcare services in Spain.

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