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  • 2EyesVision hires International Sales Director: Teresa Filhó

2EyesVision hires International Sales Director: Teresa Filhó

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Jun 5, 2023

Seasoned professional joins to drive global expansion and propel company growth

Lisbon, Portugal – 2EyesVision, a pioneering provider of Optics and Ophthalmology solutions, is proud to announce the appointment of Teresa Filhó as the new International Sales Director. With her extensive experience in the industry, Teresa’s addition to the team marks a significant leap forward for the company’s global expansion and sales efforts.

Teresa Cavalinhos Filhó brings a wealth of international expertise and a notable track record in driving business growth. Her previous roles include serving as Sales Manager for OPHTEC, Palex Medical, Crown Holdings, and DePuySynthes – Companies of Johnson & Johnson, consistently arrriving to sales targets and fostering strong business relationships. As the newly appointed International Sales Director at 2EyesVision, Teresa Filhó will spearhead the company’s global expansion strategy. Her profound understanding of international markets and her ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes make her a highly valuable asset to the organization.

Teresa’s primary focus will be on developing and executing a comprehensive sales strategy for 2EyesVision’s flagship product, SimVis Gekko. With her exceptional insight into the product’s value proposition and its immense potential in the global market, Teresa is poised to propel sales and drive significant revenue growth. According to her:

“The future of refractive surgery lies in personalized planning for each patient, including patient counseling and managing expectations.”

“The opportunity to lead global business growth with a unique product that fulfills a real need, and being surrounded by an incredible group of scientists, strongly motivated me to embrace the SimVis Gekko project.”


Here’s an interview with Teresa for you to read:

What is your vision for expanding the company's global presence and increasing sales of SimVis Gekko?
Our technology provides value to patients and clinicians in the assessment and selection process. 2EyesVision has developed a disruptive and incredibly useful guidance tool that needs to be available and recognized worldwide. Our goal is to break the monochannel mindset and establish a hybrid model as the new standard. This offers powerful opportunities to connect with customers in ways that they want, and the potential of SimVis Gekko is vast, allowing for different B2B models. The single-channel approach no longer works for business. SimVis Gekko is suitable for patients all over the world, ranging from small clinics to large hospital groups, experienced doctors to young specialists, and research centers to universities and manufacturers.
What are the main challenges you face when promoting a high-tech eye-care device like SimVis Gekko in international markets, and how do you address them?
Raising awareness about the technology is our main challenge. The human eye is not an optical bench, and the future of refractive surgery lies in personalized planning for each patient, including patient counseling and managing expectations.

Projection devices and 3D simulations are already familiar concepts, but ‘see-through’ technology is not. This is our challenge. To address it, we need people to embrace the change and understand that science and technology have developed a guidance tool for refractive surgery that simulates not only IOLs but also contact lenses and presbyopia-correcting techniques. Afterall, Seeing is believing.

Can you tell us about your previous experience in international sales and how you believe it has prepared you for your current role at 2EyesVision?
For several years, my main role was managing and developing the distribution network and export business for an IOL manufacturer. Being responsible for multiple territories in Europe, North America, and Latin America provided me with a broader vision of the ophthalmology business.

Understanding the differences, approaches, sales teams, cultures, and markets between European countries/territories and Latin America, for example, is crucial. This field experience is essential for managing different types of commercial channels and establishing a distributor network.

The opportunity to lead global business growth with a unique product that fulfills a real need, and being surrounded by an incredible group of scientific individuals, strongly motivated me to embrace the SimVis Gekko project.

What are your short-term and long-term goals as the International Sales Director of 2EyesVision?
Our short-term goal is to establish our worldwide distribution network and position SimVis Gekko as a fundamental and indispensable tool in the guidance and counseling of patients. In the long term, we aim to further enhance our global presence, expand market reach, and drive significant revenue growth.
How do you stay updated on trends and advancements in the optics and ophthalmology industry?
Staying on top of MedTech industry trends is essential. The accelerated consumerization of diagnostics, the rise of telemedicine and digital health, the growth of devices enabling personalized medicine, and the emergence of AI and robotics-powered medical devices are all realities. Attending innovation forums, summits, debates, congresses, and events, as well as reading dedicated ophthalmology publications, papers, and clinical studies, helps us stay updated. Additionally, listening to the needs of the market and individuals is crucial. At 2EyesVision, we have science in our DNA. Our human capital is genius, highly scientific, and creative.
In your opinion, what is the main benefit of SimVis Gekko for patients?
Again, Seeing is believing. From a patient’s perspective, I imagine myself as a potential patient (which I actually am!). I would like to experience my options prior to surgery or have an easy and comfortable contact lens selection process or understand the visual outcomes with presbyopia-correcting laser correction. SimVis Gekko allows patients to have a comprehensive understanding of their options and supports informed decision-making.

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