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  • 2EyesVision refreshes logo while preserving brand essence

2EyesVision refreshes logo while preserving brand essence

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Aug 20, 2023

Embracing change: the company’s logo renewal

Madrid, Spain2EyesVision, a pioneering Spanish company in the global premium ophthalmology industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its updated logo, seamlessly blending modern simplicity with the foundational values that have shaped the brand’s identity.

The redesign is geared towards heightening legibility and visual impact 

While upholding the original color palette, the logo retains its unmistakable core. Nonetheless, a contemporary flair is introduced through a subtle gradient and a revitalizing touch to the brand’s visual representation.

“We are excited to unveil this evolutionary logo as part of our new phase, coinciding with the international expansion of sales for the SimVis Gekko in the market. In a rapidly evolving landscape, it becomes crucial to find the equilibrium between our well-established brand equity and a forward-looking image.”

The new corporate image allows for the use of both the logo without the isotype (but with letters in the corporate gradient) and the isologotype alone with the gradient:

2EyesVision logotype.

2EyesVision logotype w/o isotype.

2EyesVision isologotype.

The new logo will be seamlessly integrated across all company materials, spanning digital platforms, marketing collateral, and physical environments. Clients, partners, and stakeholders can anticipate encountering the revitalized logo, serving as an emblem of 2EyesVision’s evolution and its enduring pursuit of excellence.

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