Susana Marcos Video Interview about SimVis
Check out Jonathan Khan´s interview to Prof. Susana Marcos about the SimVis technology ​
Un dispositivo simula las lentes intraoculares que se implantan a pacientes con cataratas
¿Qué tipo de lente se debe implantar a un paciente en una operación de cataratas? Esta decisión, que toma el cirujano en base a su experiencia y a las necesidades y preferencias del paciente sobre su presbicia, no es sencilla porque existe gran variedad de…
Innovative device simulates cataract replacement experience
Today, patients with cataracts can choose from several types of artificial lenses, which are surgically implanted in the eye to replace cloudy lenses that obstruct vision. A new vision simulator could help these patients see how the world would look with each type of implanted…
Hand-held device simulates cataract replacement
Cataract surgery and the replacement of the eye's natural lens with an unclouded synthetic substitute already makes use of sophisticated photonics technology, in the form of femtosecond laser sourcesfor the crucial incisions, along with research into new optical diagnosis and treatmentmethods. A team at the…
Portable simultaneous vision device to simulate multifocal corrections
Abstract Multifocal lenses are increasingly used solutions for presbyopia, the age-related loss of crystalline lens focus ability. These lenses work by the principle of simultaneous vision, superimposing focused and defocused images on the retina. Providing the experience of simultaneous vision to a patient before permanent…
New Device Simulates Vision for Cataract Patients
Click here to edit. Traditionally when patients need cataract surgery, an intraocular lens is surgically implanted into the eye to replace the patient’s natural lens inside the eye that has become cloudy and obstructs vision. When it comes to selecting the appropriate lens for implantation,…
Cataract Implant Vision Simulator Lets You Try Lenses Before Surgery
Scientists at the Laboratory of Visual Optics and Biophotonics, Instituto de Optica, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) are reporting on the development of a device that simulates the results of a cataract surgery for people who are considering undergoing treatment. Specifically, the system offers the…
Vision Simulator Helps Cataracts Patients Test Artificial Lenses
By Ryan Bushey Cataracts, a common condition related to aging where the lens of a person’s eye clouds up, affecting vision, can occur due to a variety of reasons like long periods of sunlight exposure or diseases, such as diabetes.Tools like new eyeglasses or brighter…
Investigadores del CSIC crean un simulador para mostrar a los pacientes con cataratas las diferentes lentes artificiales
Investigadores del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) han creado un simulador, denominado 'SimVis', para mostrar a los pacientes con cataratas las diferentes lentes artificiales implantadas antes de que se sometan a una cirugía."Existen muchos tipos de lentes intraoculares en el mercado que proporcionan diferentes…