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  • Can I use SimVis Gekko in patients with dilated pupils?

Can I use SimVis Gekko in patients with dilated pupils?

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May 30, 2023

Yes, you can. SimVis Gekko accurately replicates the through-focus optical performance of multifocal IOLs even in dilated pupil conditions. 

A pilot study included five presbyopic subjects. Defocus curves were measured through a monofocal IOL and two different multifocal IOL simulations in SimVis Gekko, before and after their pupils were dilated with Tropicamide 1%.

The results obtained showed a very high similarity between both defocus curves with the natural and dilated pupil, even in pupil dependent IOLs.

No clinically significant differences were found when subjects were asked to score (from 0 to 10, being 10 the best possible) their visual experience looking at different natural images in the distance.

ESCRS 2023 Talk

“Preoperative Visual Simulation Of Presbyopic Correccions With Natural Vs Dilated Pupils.” Siso, I., Zaytouny, A., Barcala, X., Alejandre N., Marcos, S., Dorronsoro, C.

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