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  • Binocular defocus curves with different multifocal IOLs

Binocular defocus curves with different multifocal IOLs

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Sep 12, 2021

SimVis Gekko simulations vs clinical data in implanted patients

We incorporated real data from commercial lenses1 obtained from literature in our visual simulator SimVis Gekko and measured defocus curves in presbyopic subjects. A very high correlation (>90%) was found between the curves of real patients implanted with the same lenses and the simulation.

ESCRS 2021 Talk

1Sawides, Lucie, et al. “SimVis simulations of multifocal IOL designs based on public-literature data.” Optical Design and Engineering VIII. Vol. 11871. SPIE, 2021.

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3Gil, M.A., Varón, C., Cardona, G. et al. “Visual acuity and defocus curves with six multifocal intraocular lenses.” Int Ophthalmol 40, 393–401 (2020).


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