Xoana Barcala wins Margarita Salas 2022 Award

Xoana Barcala from 2EyesVision wins Margarita Salas 2022 Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis

Madrid, SpainXoana Barcala, Clinical Development Optometrist at 2EyesVision, has been honored with the prestigious Margarita Salas 2022 award for her doctoral thesis titled “Binocular Simultaneous Vision Simulator: validation and implementation of the Sim+Vis technology in the clinic.” The award recognizes her exceptional work in the field of Basic Science and celebrates her talent and innovation. Her remarkable achievements reflect the brilliance and dedication she has shown throughout her research. As a valued member of the 2EyesVision team, Xoana has played an important role in the development of the SimVis Gekko, a collaborative effort between the Visual Optics and Biophotonic Lab from CSIC and 2EyesVision.

The Margarita Salas awards pay tribute to the legacy of the renowned Spanish researcher Margarita Salas, who made significant contributions to biochemistry and molecular biology. The awards aim to recognize talented individuals across diverse scientific disciplines.

About Margarita Salas

Margarita Salas, born in Canero, Asturias on November 30, 1938, and passed away in Madrid on November 7, 2019, was a renowned Spanish scientist and chemist. She worked alongside Severo Ochoa in the United States and made significant contributions to the field of biochemistry and molecular biology. Margarita Salas was a professor and honorary researcher at the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center (CSIC-UAM) and a member of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). She received the Echegaray Medal in 2016, becoming the first woman to receive this honor from the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical, and Natural Sciences.