María Viñas, PhD


María Viñas Peña is a highly accomplished researcher in the field of Visual Optics, Biophotonics, Medical Physics and Optical Engineering. She currently holds the position of Ramón y Cajal scientist at CSIC in Madrid, Spain. In addition, she is a scientist consultant and co-founder of 2EyesVision.

Dr. Vinas-Pena obtained her PhD in Physics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) in 2016 and since then enjoyed different postdoctoral positions at the Institute of Optics, CSIC (Spain), as Marie Sklodowska Curie Research fellow at Wellman Center for Photomedicine-Massachusetts General Hospital & Research fellow at Harvard Medical School (USA), and as visiting researcher at the Center for Visual Science of the University of Rochester in New York. Maria’s involvement with CSIC spans over a decade, starting as a PRE-doctoral researcher at the VioBioLab Institute of Optics. During her time there, she worked on the development of new visual simulators and optical instruments based on Adaptive Optics. Her research now focuses on the use of photonic technologies to the study of the physics of vision.

Dr. Viñas has a proven track record of achievements and independent research in Visual Optics & Optical Engineering (>80 peer reviewed publications), has a good track record in competitive calls (JAE-CSIC, FPU, H2020-MSCA, Ramon y Cajal, CSN), and has establishedcollaborations with top research groups. She is very active within in the visual optics community (OPTICA Ambassador, Board the OPTICA TG Applications of Visual Sciences, Chair Visual Sciences Spanish Optical society).

Maria Viñas Peña’s dedication to research, her extensive experience in visual optics, and her contributions to the scientific community make her a valuable asset in her role as a Ramón y Cajal scientist at CSIC and as a 2EyesVision consultant.