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  • CSIC and VioBio Lab presents SimVis Gekko on TV and media

CSIC and VioBio Lab presents SimVis Gekko on TV and media

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Feb 7, 2019

The scientific association validated the launch of the ophthalmic device

CSIC and VioBio Lab have presented the validation and launch of SimVis in a press conference that took place last February 7th at CSIC. The press conference, was led by Prof. Susana Marcos (Director of VioBio Lab, Co-Inventor of the SimVis technology and 2EyesVision cofounder), and María Viñas, Researcher at VioBio Lab.

Thanks to SimVis, developed by researchers from the VioBio Lab (CSIC), patients and surgeons have the possibility of seeing the effects of an intraocular multifocal lens realistically before the implantation. This revolutionary concept caught the interest of several media, including Spanish public television (RTVE).

Prof. Marcos concluded during the press conference:

“Visual simulators are an ideal technique to provide patients with a realistic experience of multifocality before the implantation of an intraocular lens. In addition, since the device has been reduced in size and has a more practical design than those currently in the market, the benefits multiply.”


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