Irene Sisó-Fuertes, PhD


Dr. Irene Sisó-Fuertes is a highly qualified optometrist and researcher original from Zaragoza (Spain). Her expertise extends beyond academia, as she possesses exceptional clinical acumen and a deep understanding of the practical applications of her research.

Driven by her passion for research, Irene undertook a challenging PhD program in Optometry at the University of Manchester (UK), which she successfully completed in 2017. As a testament to her expertise and contributions to the field, Irene was appointed as a Fellow of the AGEYE Marie Curie Initial Training Network, a prestigious European program focused on cross-disciplinary projects. Her research within the network explored age-related changes in the eye, shedding light on crucial aspects of visual optics.

In 2018, Irene joined Optegra Eye Health Care as a Research Associate within the Eye Sciences team based in Manchester (UK). Her role not only involved conducting research and development activities but also actively participating in practice. Irene’s ability to bridge the gap between academic research and clinical practice, combined with her language and commercial skills, allows her to effectively communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences in both English and Spanish.

Irene, as Chief Strategy Officer, leads the company’s strategy and positioning efforts in coordination with the CEO and key management. She also serves as the Clinical Development Director at 2EyesVision. Dr. Sisó-Fuertes is dedicated to advancing the application of the SimVis Gekko, the cutting-edge visual simulator technology in visual optics. Her expertise in comprehending the clinical implications of her research allows her to effectively communicate the benefits of this innovative solution to patients, clinicians, researchers, and industry professionals worldwide.


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