Dr. Paul Karpecki


Dr. Paul Karpecki, a prominent and pioneering figure in the field of optometry, brings over two decades of experience in running some of the largest dry eye clinics in the United States. His expertise and dedication are focused on Dry Eye Disease, a condition that not only affects patients’ vision but also their quality of life. As a distinguished educator and author, Dr. Karpecki has delivered an impressive 1000+ lectures and authored over 1000 papers on the subject of Dry Eye Disease. His contributions have significantly advanced knowledge and understanding in the field, making him a sought-after authority. In recognition of his profound insights and expertise, Dr. Karpecki was named to the National Eye Institute’s Dry Eye Committee in 2002, where he provided invaluable perspectives, particularly concerning its effects on women. Subsequently, in 2003, he earned a prestigious appointment to the Delphi International Society at Wilmer-Johns Hopkins, an esteemed group comprising the top 25 Dry Eye experts worldwide.

Currently, Dr. Karpecki serves as the Chief Clinical Editor for Review of Optometry, a widely-read and influential journal in the optometry profession. He also holds the roles of Director of Clinical Content and Chairman of the New Technology and Treatment Conferences. His commitment to philanthropy is evident through his involvement on the board of Optometry Giving Sight, a charitable organization. Dr. Karpecki has been deeply engaged in shaping the direction of optometry and dry eye patient care. He has served as Co-Chair for the optometry profession’s Dry Eye Summit, Director for the CJO Optometric Dry Eye Guidelines for EyeCare, and Committee Member for the DEWS II Diagnostic sub-committee. His impact extends internationally as he was appointed Co-Chair of the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society Symposium in 2016 in Montpellier, France.

Dr. Karpecki’s educational journey began at Indiana University, where he earned his doctor of optometry degree. He further honed his skills and knowledge through a fellowship in medical cornea and refractive surgery at Pennsylvania College of Optometry.