Dr. Jay Pepose


Dr. Jay S. Pepose, M.D., Ph.D., is a highly respected ophthalmologist and founder of the Pepose Vision Institute. With extensive expertise in laser vision correction, cataract, and cornea surgery, he is regarded as a leading authority in these fields. As a pioneer in LASIK, he introduced this advanced vision correction technique to the St. Louis region and contributed significantly to the development of excimer laser technology. Dr. Pepose is known for conducting clinical trials that made LASIK available for the correction of farsightedness and astigmatism.

On the other hand, he is actively involved in research and clinical trials related to innovative lens implants for cataract patients and new treatments for presbyopia. Dr. Pepose’s dedication to advancing eye care is evident through his involvement in various ophthalmology journals, including his role as associate editor of The American Journal of Ophthalmology. Moreover, he is committed to improving vision not only in his local community but also globally, establishing an International Fellowship in Eye Banking and founding the Midwest Cornea Research Foundation. Dr. Pepose’s contributions to the field have earned him prestigious awards and recognition in ‘Best Doctors in America‘ and ‘America’s Top Docs, among others.

Being a member of the Advisory Board of 2EyesVision is of great value to the company, benefiting from his wealth of knowledge and expertise in ophthalmology. He continues to make a significant impact on the field of ophthalmology through his unwavering commitment to research, education, and patient care.