Cristina Valle


Cristina Valle is an experienced professional in the field of administration and human resources. Her strengths include versatility, multitasking, proactivity, and the ability to work with all types of teams, achieving smooth and cooperative work relationships both internally within the company and with clients and suppliers.

She worked at Psyma Ibérica Marketing Research for more than a decade, overseeing the administration department and managing interdepartmental needs. Prior to that, she served as an Executive Secretary at LB Publicidad and as an Office Manager at Amber Marketing Research. Cristina’s strengths lie in her versatility, proactive approach, and ability to foster collaborative working relationships.

At 2EyesVision, she is responsible for People and Office Management in the dynamic and constantly evolving environment of a start-up. With her extensive experience and skills as a People & Office Manager, Cristina is committed to driving the success of the company and supporting its growth. She is a valuable asset, utilizing her expertise to create a harmonious and productive work environment.