SimVis press release in the World Economic Forum of Davos
Pick-and-choose solution for presbyopia ​If you are older than 45 and reading this, you probably have presbyopia, Greek for “seeing like an old man”. Many solutions […]
A tool for surgeons and patients
SIMVIS: un instrumento asequible y portátil para simular visión multifocal
Las correcciones multifocales en forma de lentes intraoculares, lentes de contacto o presbyLASIK son opciones cada vez más empleadas para la corrección de la presbicia, la […]
Video about the SimVis technology
Click here and learn more about the technology​http://www.vision.csic.es/Research/ResearchWebs/new_simvis.aspx
Presenting the SimVis technology to Opinion Leaders
This september, the first monocular prototype was presented to ophthalmology opinion leaders. After their feedback we can say that THE TECHNOLOGY IS HAVING A GREAT WELCOME
Vision of the future: new adaptable lens to prolong sight of aging eyes
​ Produced by Denis Loctier“The accommodative lens reproduces functions of a young crystalline lens in the human eye.”As we age our eyes lose their ability to focus […]