Susana Marcos TEDx talk at Saint Louis University: “Better eyesight for improving quality of life”
The 15th of March, Susana Marcos was invited by Saint Louis University to give a Ted Talk in the university´s campus of Madrid. The topic was […]
Carlos Dorronsoro, Susana Marcos and José Ramon Alonso, inventors of SimVis, receive best patent award
Carlos Dorronso, Susana Marcos and José Ramón Alonso, received on Monday 19th of March 2018 the Best Patent Prize by Fundación Madri+d. The patent awarded protects […]
IMCUSTOMEYE project kick off
IMCUSTOMEYE is a european consortium lead by the VioBio Lab and formed by 2Eyes Vision, CSIC-VioBio Lab, University of Liverpool, National University of Ireland (Galway), Instytut Chemi Fizycznej […]
2Eyes Vision obtains NEOTEC grant by CDTI
NEOTEC is one of the most competitive financing calls in Spain. Every year hundreds of Spanish Small and Medium enterprises compete for this grants, a subsidy […]
2Eyes Vision, specialist in the creation and development of ophthalmic technologies secures an investment from Bullnet Capital
·       The company has developed SimVis, the first technology ever allowing presbyopic and cataract patients to experience the real world through multifocal corrections before intraocular lens […]
Entrevista con el Doctor Carlos Dorronsoro, miembro del Laboratorio de Óptica Visual y Biofotónica del Instituto de óptica del CSIC
La semana pasada nos hacíamos eco de la concesión del premio concedido por la Fundación Madri+d a la mejor patente, otorgado este año al Laboratorio de […]
Madrid+d otorga el Premio a la Mejor Patente a una importante innovación en Oftalmología
El pasado 30 de mayo la Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+dconvocó la duodécima edición de sus premios, concurso público mediante el que la Comunidad brinda a […]
SimVis succeeds at ESCRS 2017-Lisbon
2EyesVision presented this year at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Exhibit the SimVis technology, where hundreds of delegates could experience multifocality with SimVis […]
SimVis awarded with the Best Patent Award by Fundación Madrid+d
The main patent protecting the SimVis technology was awarded las week as the best patent by the XII Edition of the MadrI+D awards. The jury has […]