30 julio, 2020

WE ARE HIRING! Looking for a Clinical Development Optometrist

2Eyes Vision is focused on the design, development and commercialization of innovative ophthalmic technologies that improve the daily routine of eye care practitioners and help to […]
3 junio, 2020

IMCUSTOMEYE develops new image techniques for ocular pathology ‘Á la carte’ treatment

2Eyes Vision participates in the IMCUSTOMEYE project, coordinated by the VioBio lab, from the CSIC´s Optics Institute, and funded by the European Commision´s ‘Horizont 2020 Programme’, […]
24 febrero, 2020

Transforming the Ophthalmic Surgery Guessing Game

In most clinics, surgeons are faced with a big issue: the refractive surgery guessing game. That’s because they rely on self-reporting from patients to determine daily focusing […]
24 febrero, 2020

Researchers reaching for the stars to cure presbyopia

Did you know that despite the availability of multifocal IOLs, only 7% of patients opt for this correction modality? In the latest article by Ophthalmology Times […]
17 febrero, 2020

Susana Marcos received «Leonardo Torres Quevedo» Award at the National Research Awards Ceremony from their Majesties King Felipe and Queen Letizia

Susana Marcos Celestino was honored by receiving the award “Leonardo Torres Quevedo” National Engineering Prize for her “pioneering contributions to optical and photonic engineering, and to […]
15 enero, 2020

A new Susana Marcos’ interview about SimVis technology published by CSIC

Read the full interview here
17 diciembre, 2019

Pre-operative simulation of post-operative multifocal vision

A new article published in Biomedical Optics Express shows that SimVis Gekko provides “practical utility in the clinic, in that it improves patient satisfaction, facilitates comparison […]
17 diciembre, 2019

Carlos Dorronsoro wins the “Physics, Innovation and Technology” award from the Royal Spanish Society of Physics

Carlos Dorronsoro co-founder of 2Eyes Vision and co-inventor of the SimVis technology, received the Physics, Innovation and Technology Award on December 12th 2019, for developing and […]
23 octubre, 2019

Forbes interviews 2Eyes Vision

2Eyes Vision was the winner of the Spain Startup – South Summit Healthcare and Biotech category and selected among the 10 most innovative start-up companies in […]